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Today was super busy towards the end, at work.  I just kept bouncing from one thing to the next.

Fun stuff:

-Getting to pull blood from a dog.  I rarely/never get to do that.  I'm moving up in the world!
-My co-workers.  Always fun people.

Not so fun stuff:

-Helping to revive puppies that failed to be born and need C-sections, and failing at reviving said puppy.  Only 1 made it (so far, and it's real touch and go).
-The DOA that came in midday.  Hit by the owner in her car.  And it was a puppy.  Truly tragic.

Well, time to eat, watch some True Blood later, and sleep for like a day.  Way to busy and exhausted lately.  Someday I'll catch up with myself, lol.


My 4th of July work week is finally over.  It's pretty much the worst holiday to work in the animal healthcare industry.  I feel bad for all those poor dogs and cats having to deal with fireworks, and running away from home and getting lost and hurt.  So many strays...sigh...I'm exhausted and have the next 3 days off (sort of, I have several continuing education classes this week. Feline/canine diseases tomorrow night and Adv. Nursing module #2 weds.)  Oh!  and I think I have 2 kickball games in Magnolia this week, Tuesday night and Thursday night!  Gonna be a busy week!   Super pumped!

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Quick update:

Been horribly sick for over a week.  Been playing on my company's kickball team for a couple weeks (1 win, 1 loss).  Boyfriend dared me to read Twilight today and bet that I'd put it down by page 15.  I stopped at 74 just to spite him.  I just can't read anymore.  Maybe someday I'll be able to explain why in an eloquent way (or make my boyfriend rewrite my scrawl), but for now I just need to sleep that schlock off.

An update?! Whaaaa?! Must be that time of year...

So I'm finding myself with some downtime between playing some WoW and class in an hour. I started taking some CE classes through VSPN (which I get to take for free cause my boss is like a contributor or something for the organization). I'm taking the Advanced Nursing modules 1 and 2. Basically it's like tech stuff for animal emergencies. I'm really enjoying the class. I was afraid it'd be really hard (since I have like no formal critical care tech training), but I'm keeping up just fine (better than many of the tech, sadly). I think it helps that I'm immersed in the subject matter at work. My promotion to Client Liaison (like a vet assistant with specialized skills/duties, specifically anything that involves contact with the clients, like demonstrations, callbacks, updates, along with just generally assisting, like running bloodwork, holding animals, filling scripts, etc.) a few months back from the front of house has really helped.

I joined my company's kickball tieam and that should start in a couple weeks. That, combined with my gym visits, should help me get in some shape this summer. Maybe I'll get around to posting pics too (I've been feeling cute lately).

Donnie is having his last day at work today. Starting tomorrow, he'll be working from home for his company. Should be nice to not have to commute so much for him. As it is, I still have to commute from Southcenter to Northgate and back several times a week for work. We really need to get off our asses and get to movin'. A change would be nice. I'm feeling stagnant.

That's pretty much it. My life is work, home, work, home, lather, rinse, repeat. I fear I have become boring.

Speaking of fear. I found this picture today:


This thing is from the story "The Crate" from Creepshow. Scared/scares the bejeezus out of me (yes, I'm apparently a weenie). I just wanted to share/burn that image into your nightmares.

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Joshy's Quote of the Day:

"Isn't it one of the biggest disappointments in movies that the beast is more attractive than the prince he turns into."

-My boyfriend, about Beauty and the Beast

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Ugh, I don't update this as much as I used to, or would like.  I still read everyone's stuff, I've just been quiet :P  Gonna try and change that.  That being said, I'm marginally better at updating my Facebook, so if you'd like, please friend me there too :)

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Joshy's Quote of the Day:

"Get me some butter and a metal bucket, and I'm gonna go to town!"

-Robert on Hell's Kitchen talking about eating lobster (but I sooo plan on using that line whenever (in)appropriate)

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Just got back from the gym and I feel good, except for the fact that I'm freezing my ass off cause I refuse to put clothes on, the heater hasn't heated anything up yet, and my blanket is on the floor with a cat burrowed inside it and I'm too nice to take it from her :(